Our research is directed towards the understanding, modeling, simulation, and quantitative prediction of complex mechanical systems, with special application to geomechanics. We are particularly interested in modeling instabilities in multi-phase porous media under static and dynamic loading by developing robust constitutive models and efficient techniques in computational inelasticity and finite element procedures.


Professor Andrade Featured on “You’re the Expert”

José E. Andrade, Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, and his research on earthquake-induced liquefaction and granular materials was featured on You're the Expert, a new live show and public radio program. [Read more]

Professor Andrade to moderate panel held during Geo-Congress in Atlanta, Georgia.
Prof. Andrade to moderate panel on "solid-fluid transitions in granular materials," to be held during the Geo-Congress in Atlanta, Georgia on February 26, 2014. [Read more]

Professor Andrade has been elected by the NRC to serve on a eleven member panel.
Prof. Andrade has been elected by the National Academies (NRC) to serve on a panel of 11 experts world-wide to assess the state-of-the-art and practice in earthquake-induced soil liquefaction.[Read more]

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